Outdoor concrete has a tendency to look drab and boring. It’s one of those features in a yard or driveway that often gets forgotten about. Instead of seeing your concrete as a bland component of your home’s exterior, you can use the simple tips below to make it something worth looking at. Here are five ways to spruce up outdoor concrete.

Stain It

Stained concrete is becoming a popular flooring option for home interiors, but most people don’t think to stain their exterior concrete. You can make it any color you want, and you can even add patterns to it to make it look like stone. If you’re using it in a garage or shop, you can add shiny chips to the top to give it a cool industrial feel. The options are endless.

Add Stone Or Brick Accents

Cultured stone and brick can be a great accent to concrete. You can add this on the edge of a concrete structure, or you could put it in the middle of the concrete. It all depends on what you want it to look like. If you already have stone or brick on your home, you could use the same materials next to your concrete to tie everything together.

Change The Shape

If you are using concrete for a walkway or something along those lines, you could try changing the shape to make it look different. Add a little curve to the edges so it doesn’t look like an unfinished hopscotch course. If you have simple concrete blocks, you could angle them differently so they look unique. Put some patches of grass in the middle of them for a checkerboard pattern fit for the outdoors.

Level It Out

If your concrete is old and no longer level, you could see a world of difference just by leveling it out. Concrete leveling is a process that is best left to professionals because it involves going in below the concrete slab and raising it back to its original height. Doing this will make your concrete safe and clean looking all at the same time.

Clean It Up

A simple power wash can actually do wonders for concrete. It will get rid of surface stains that you may not even know are on there. You can buy a power washer to use on your own, or you can hire professionals to do the job for you. This is a quick, easy fix that will make a big impact on your concrete.